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Below are various images and a description of the Coalition to help you create a link to NCDD on your website. NCDD members can choose from three different sizes - please use the largest (most legible) version you can. You may choose to accompany the image with the description provided or not. Non-NCDD members are encouraged to use the plain NCDD logos posted further down on this page (with the description provided). If you are an NCDD member, but cannot put one of the member images on your website, please still add the description (and a note that says you are a member), with an active link to

Description to Include with Link:

NCDD is a Coalition of organizations and individuals who are committed to strengthening and uniting the growing dialogue and deliberation community. With over 200 pages of resources, their website serves as a hub for practitioners, scholars and students of these transformational communication processes.

Image for NCDD Members to Include with Link:

Please save a copy of the artwork onto your computer for use on your site. To capture the image:

PC users: Right-click on image and choose "Save Image As" or its equivilant depending on your browser.
Mac users: Ctrl-click on image and choose "Save Image As" or its equivilant depending on your browser.

Once added to your website, link the image to

If you are interested in using our logo and adding text on your own, below are two versions (each a transparent gif), one for light backgrounds and one for dark backgrounds. Please do add text - otherwise, people won't know what NCDD is!

Also, you can use any one of our "color" sidebar logos by right-clicking on them. They are transparent and designed to look good on lighter backgrounds.

Dark backgrounds (this will look less jaggy on dark colored backgrounds):

Light backgrounds:

Thank you for linking to NCDD!


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