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Over 7,000 people currently receive NCDD's monthly email updates. These messages briefly highlight what's new at www.thataway.org and throughout the dialogue & deliberation community - especially upcoming events, brand new resources, and opportunities like jobs and calls for papers. Many in the D&D community find these updates invaluable.

Photo of two people who receive the monthly updates.

Erica Bernal of the National Association of Lationo Elected Officials (NALEO) and Martha McCoy of the Study Circles Resource Center (SCRC).

We only send one message out each month, and we never sell or share your name, email address or other contact information with anyone outside of the D&D community. We DO, however, periodically share segments of our database with leaders in the D&D community who are interested in fostering regional networks, locating facilitators or partners for a dialogue project in a particular area, or are visiting a particular area and are interested in setting up some meetings with their colleagues. In these cases, we sort the database by state or city and share only those segments.

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