Past NCDD Commentaries

October 17, 2004

Pre-Conference Resources for Beginners to Dialogue & Deliberation or Those New to the D&D Community

People who attended the first National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation in 2002 received a binder packed with resources to help them navigate a conference that was bringing together the movers and shakers in numerous streams of practice that hadn?t before had the chance to learn from one another en mass. These streams of practice spoke different languages, even though their values and practices were much more similar than they were different... read more

May 13, 2004

Taking seriously the requirements of ?public practice?: A unique certificate program in dialogue, deliberation and public engagement

Fielding Graduate Institute, in collaboration with The International Institute for Sustained Dialogue (IISD) and the Kettering Foundation, is launching a unique new 16-week graduate level Certificate Program on Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement. Why have these 3 organizations decided to launch this new initiative? The nub of it is our deep belief that these dialogic and deliberative practices are critical to robust democracies and effective organizations... read more

May 06, 2004

First Annual Northern CA Dialogue & Deliberation Conference

In 2002, while sitting at one of many round tables at the 1st Ever National Dialogue and Deliberation Conference, it struck me. "I have to do this regionally." The thought buzzed in my head, reemerging each time I thought it had passed. The thought was persistent... read more

January 25, 2004

Report from the World Social Forum 2004

There is something refreshing about the world?s largest dialogue on globalization, and it is this: encounters with more than 100,000 people from around the world who believe deeply that ?another world is possible.? This statement, the slogan of the World Social Forum since its inception, is a tacit recognition that the world would be better off pursuing a different path than the present neoliberal trajectory of globalization... read more

December 7, 2003

Inviting or Excluding??Evaluating Our Way of Being

Several weeks ago someone broke into the Catholic chapel in Mariaman, Haiti, the village where I live, and stole the sound system. While my immediate reaction was disappointment (who would rob a poor church?), that quickly turned to wondering whether this was in fact a disguised blessing for the congregation... read more

November 8, 2003

Photo of Len Krimerman, Tom Atlee and Archon Fung.
Driving Tom Atlee (or, Road Trip with a Visionary)

I'm about to head off to Seattle for an Open Space gathering called the Practice of Peace, but I wanted to put something up about my recent road trip with Tom Atlee before I left. Many of you know who Tom is, but for those of you who don't, Tom is a member of NCDD's Steering Committee, and is well-known for his work with the Co-Intelligence Institute... read more

September 20, 2003

Simplicity Circles, NewsNite, and Grocery Line Activism: The Slacker's Guide to Dialogue for Social Change

So, as I started to say, it all came together when I started Simplicity Circles. I had been interested in the idea of study circles for many years, and I had often tried to start them ? without success. But when I gave people the chance to be in a Simplicity Study Circle things took off... read more

July 31, 2003

A photo of Len and Libby Traubman.
The First Day of Global Arab Jewish Dialogue

The First Day of Global Arab Jewish Dialogue -- Sunday, July 20, 2003 -- was marked in our area when Palestinians and Jews attended the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival to see two documentaries about Hebron -- one about Palestinian women, the other about Jewish women... read more

July 1, 2003

Declaring & Celebrating Our Interdependence
A photo of Tom Atlee.

Tom Atlee, Director of the Co-Intelligence Institute and NCDD Steering Committee member, sent out a recent email to his list about the various 'Interdependence Days' and 'Declarations of Interdependence' that different organizations are spearheading on July 4 and other days... read more

March 30, 2003

Dynamic Facilitation and the Choice-Creating Process

Dynamic Facilitation, created by consultant Jim Rough, is a leading-edge process designed to help groups have meaningful conversations, access their creativity, and discover practical breakthroughs to challenging situations, even in the midst of divergent opinions, strong emotions, and conflicting beliefs. This style of facilitation produces a highly co-creative form of dialogue called the "Choice-Creating Process" in which... read more

March 24, 2003

A photo of Sandy Heierbacher.
A Visit to a Hub of Dialogue and Deliberation - Seattle, Washington

I had the opportunity to travel to Washington state a couple of weeks ago at the invitation of NCDD member Jim Rough, Co-Founder of the Center for Wise Democratic Processes and creator of the Dynamic Facilitation process. At the October conference, I heard wonderful things about DeAnna Martin and Rosa Zubizarreta?’s (Dynamic) facilitation, and wanted to learn more about this process... read more


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