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National Issues Forum Guide

The National Issues Forum developed an excellent discussion guide for the project By the People: America in the World, a new initiative of MacNeil/Lehrer Productions. The discussion guide, titled ?“America?’s Role in the World,?” presents four different perspectives as a way of framing public discussion. Each approach shows a distinctive perspective on what our global priorities should be and what costs and tradeoffs we should be prepared to accept if we move in that direction. Go to to download the issue book in its entirety, or to download the moderator guide. You may also call 1-800-228-0810 and order hard copies of the issue book for $3.90 each.

The National Issues Forums (NIF) is a network of organizations joined together by a common desire to discuss critical issues. Organizations who participate in NIF include educational institutions, leadership groups, civic groups, churches, libraries, senior centers, community groups, and youth groups. Some are independent, local forums sponsored by energetic citizens. Others are part of educational programs at colleges, schools, and extension services.
Local Issue Forums offer the space to deliberate about public issues.

Deliberation, rather than debate, lets us talk about concerns, weigh drawbacks and tradeoffs, and find a shared sense of direction before making decisions.

When we join together to deliberate, we create a public voice that determines public policy. Reports on the outcomes of the forums are shared with local, state, and national officeholders to give them insight into what the public is thinking.

NIF is non-partisan and does not advocate a specific solution or point of view.

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This forum was created to provide dialogue & deliberation practitioners with the support, resources and ideas they need for organizing, facilitating and encouraging D&D during this time of war. Add your comments to existing postings, or send ideas for new postings to .


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