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The results of the break-out session evaluation forms and the first day and last day evaluation forms are now online.? We will soon be adding more information from our report to Hewlett about our progress on our goals, what took place at the conference, etc.? We hope you find the evaluation results as interesting as we do!

Harris Sokoloff of the Center for School Study Councils at the University of Pennsylvania, speaks up during a breakout session while Libby Traubman, Christian Saade and others listen.

Evaluations: Break-Out Sessions, First Day and Last Day
The results of the conference's First and Last Day Surveys and a summary of the Break-Out Session Evaluations are now online. See what participants thought of the 2002 conference!

Break-Out Sessions
Conference participants could choose from 56 excellent break-out sessions. Located here is a detailed listing of these sessions. Further info about some of the sessions is provided so that people who weren?t able to attend can still benefit.

Plenary Sessions
The three plenary (large-group) sessions ? one each day ? put participants through a dialogic, deliberative process to help them decide how we could make the gathering encourage action and networks dedicated to strengthening and uniting the field and the practice.


The People Behind the Conference
The people and organizations involved in initiating and organizing this groundbreaking event.

The conference handbook included a valuable collection of resources for dialogue & deliberation practitioners. This section of the NCDD Coalition website collects all these resources together and includes many new ones added after the conference.

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Last Updated:? June 26, 2003.