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Tools of the Trade
The American Assembly - The National Dialogue
Conducting Your Community Dialogue Manual. 2002. Columbia University.
This manual provides the essential tools needed to conduct a Uniting America community dialogue: ways for defining your community, for choosing a format and for creating discussion questions.
Download at

Civic Practices Network
The Electronic Forum Handbook: Study Circles in Cyberspace. Kleiber, Pamela B., Ed.D., Margaret E. Holt, Ed.D., and Jill Dianne Swenson, Ph.D.
A handbook on electronic dialogue. Download at

Community Relations Service of the U.S. Department of Justice
Police Use of Excessive Force: A Conciliation Handbook for the Police and the Community.
This 38-page handbook was developed by the Community Relations Service, which assists communities with crisis management and violence reduction. Go to to download this and other excellent documents.

Educators for Social Responsibility
Dialogue: Turning Controversy into Community. Benson, Jeffrey, and Rachel Poliner.
This curriculum helps secondary students develop an image of dialogue and the skills to participate in dialogue by engaging in a case study of a school and town caught in a polarizing controversy. The curriculum includes connections to literature and social studies, is well-suited for English or history teachers, as well as student government or debate team advisors. (Revised edition available 2003.)

Future Search
Future Search: An Action Guide to Finding Common Ground in Organizations and Communities. Weisbord, Marvin and Sandra Janoff. 1995. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
This book describes a step-by-step process for planning and leading a Future Search conference, where diverse community members come together to envision and plan their shared future.

A snapshot from the Next Steps Forum at the 2002 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation.

Greek Summit - Sponsor: NASPA's Fraternity/Sorority Knowledge Community
Day of Dialogue: A community conversation about alcohol.
Provides a model for discussing issues related to alcohol and alcohol-free housing. Contact Tisa Mason, NASPA Day of Dialogue Committee Chair, at .

Hope in the Cities
Connecting Communities. Greisdorf, Karen E. and Robert L. Corcoran. 2001.
Connecting Communities reflects the accumulated experience of Hope in the Cities and some of its partner organizations nationally and internationally. It features key lessons and insights from people working in the field of racial reconciliation, a guide to organizing an intergroup dialogue on race, and much more. Email or call 804-358-1764.

Intergenerational Dialogues
Together for Tomorrow: Building Community Through Intergenerational Dialogue. Gambone, James. 2001. Crystal Bay, MN.
A book and guide on conducting intergenerational dialogues. $29.95 ($4.00 S&H). To order, call 1-800-586-9054 or send check to Elder Eye Press, PO Box 142, Crystal Bay, MN 55323 USA.

The Kettering Foundation
Making Choices Together: The Power of Public Deliberation. Mathews, David and Noelle McAfee. 2002.
This booklet provides an introduction to the practice of deliberative
democracy; basic tips for developing deliberative democracy programs in
communities using National Issues Forums materials; and guidance to
further resources.

Michigan Chapter of Psychologists for Social Responsibility
Us and Them. Fabick, Stephen Dillon. 1998.
Lecture formats, overheads, exercises and discussion guides for professionals interested in promoting intergroup understanding, reconciliation and cooperation. $25 plus $5 shipping. For more information, go to

National Civic League
Involving Citizens in Community Decision Making: A Guidebook, 2nd Edition. Creighton, James L.
This public participation manual focuses specifically on the community level of public decision making. The author based this comprehensive "how-to" guide on many years of professional experience designing and implementing public participation programs. Creighton takes the reader from the basics through practical issues such as designing, staffing, and evaluating public participation programs, preparing a public participation plan, and utilizing specific implementation techniques. Can be ordered from NCL for $35.

National Issues Forum
National Issues Forum Starter Kit.
By offering citizens a framework for deliberative forums, the NIF network helps the public take an active role in policy decision making. The NIF Starter Kit includes the Public Policy Institute Guide, a summary of NIF's discussion guides, a moderator guide, and a network contact list. To order the kit, email Ruffolo at or call 800-600-4060. For more info, go to NIF also distributes such deliberation guides as Racial and Ethnic Tensions: What Should We Do? (2000) and Violent Kids: Can We Change The Trend? (2000).

National Youth Employment Coalition
Voices of Diversity Dialogue Guide. 2002. The Youth Advisory Council.
A guide to assist schools and program staff in facilitating dialogues on institutional racism with young people. Download at

President Clinton's Initiative on Race
One America Dialogue Guide: Conducting a Discussion on Race. 1998. Washington, DC: One America In the 20th Century/President Clinton's Initiative on Race.
This guide provides a simple but effective model for dialogue and includes a good resource section. The various One America resources (the dialogue guide, the Advisory Board's report to President Clinton, the promising practices, etc.) are accessible at:

Project Adventure
Please Talk With Me: A Guide to Teen-Adult Dialogue. Gaetano, Ronald J., Jim Grout, and Mary Klassen-Landis. 1990. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.
A hands-on guide to running 'Dialogue Nights' - sessions that encourage teens and adults to listen and learn from each other. $14.95. More info at:

Public Conversations Project
Constructive Conversations for Challenging Times: A Guide for Home and Community Dialogue. 2001.
A guide to convening and facilitating constructive conversations about the events of September 11.
Conversations About Our Post-September 11 World: A Guide for Family Dialogue. 2001.
Designed to help families and other loved ones talk about the events of September 11. Available in pdf format and MS Word format at

Study Circles Resource Center
Organizing Community-Wide Dialogue for Action and Change. 2001.
Facing the Future: How Should we Respond to the Attack on our Nation? 2001.
Protecting Communities, Serving the Public: Police and Residents Building Relationships
to Work Together.
A Guide for Training Study Circle Facilitators. 1998.
Download these and many other guides free at or call 860-928-2616 to order.

Valeo Initiative, The Living Dialogue National Demonstration Project
The Living Dialogue on Health and Care - Facilitator's Guide & Starter Kit. 2001, Corte Madera, CA.
Based on Appreciative Inquiry, these include a guidebook for conducting workshops on the living dialogue and a guide to organizing a dialogue. For more information, e-mail or go to Download at

The World Caf?
A Resource Guide for Hosting Conversations That Matter at the World Caf?. 2002.
This guide details how to use the six principles of the World Caf? in designing and organizing Caf? conversations. Download at

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