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For an up-to-date listing of over 100 D&D-related trainings, workshops and conferences that are coming up, be sure to check out our Community Calendar!? Also, if you know of training that is not listed here, please let us know using the form below.

Center for the Study of Work Teams?
Roger Schwartz, the author of "The Skilled Facilitator" offers a values-based approach to facilitation that focuses on creating highly effective groups and organizations.

Community At Work ?
The authors of "Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making" offer a variety of courses on group facilitation skills, effective teams and consulting skills.

Connor Development Services, Ltd. ?
Desmond Connor, Ph.D. offers an Internet Tutorial on Public Participation. This one-on-one tutorial, which takes 2-4 weeks, provides you with a systematic approach to preventing and resolving public controversy by applying the concept of ?Constructive Citizen Participation.? Participants receive a copy of Connor?s Public Participation Manual and review a 25-minute instructional video.

DIA-logos International ?
Dialogue Introduction: AoTT (The Art of Thinking Together) is a two and one-half-day, integrated introduction to multiple levels of dialogue, group structures and individual effectiveness. Advanced Capacity Building: LCI (Leadership for Collective Intelligence) is an 18-day, 10-month program equipping leaders to design, initiate and facilitate large systems change. Coached by DIA-logos faculty, participants undertake actual change projects in their organizations.

Group Process Consulting ?
Dialogue seminars that emphasize truth-telling, truth-listening, and using conflict as a resource for creative thinking. With Annette Simmons, author of "A Safe Place for Dangerous Truths: Using Dialogue to Overcome Fear & Distrust at Work."

Hansard Society?
The London-based Hansard Society, which promotes effective parliamentary democracy, offers a 5-week online training course for 'E-Democracy Coordinators.' E-Democracy Coordinators are trained to facilitate online discussions involving the public and decisionmakers.

Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation ?
Trainings to help you improve your skills and understanding of transformative conflict theory and practice. Includes work with materials and videos prepared exclusively for the Institute.

D&D practitioners enjoying each other's company and expertise at the 2002 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Institute of Cultural Affairs ?
The Institute for Cultural Affairs is one of the oldest and largest providers of training in facilitation. Their techniques are known collectively as the Technology of Participation, and they offer an extensive series of courses in the various techniques.

The Intentional Living Institute, Inc.
The ILI offers training in the art and skills of Intentional Heart Centered facilitation of dialogue and negotiation. Through the intensive weekend experiences that the ILI offers, participants develop a theoretical and experiential knowledge of facilitating dialogues using the Intentional Creative Dialogue model [Integra], which is inspired by the approach of Gandhi as well as Carl Jung. The ILI training is also a rich personal development experience that allows people to achieve major shifts in their approach to life and work.

The International Association for Public Participation ?
IAP2 regularly offers four training modules: Foundations of Public Participation, Designing Effective Pubic Participation Programs, Effective Communications for Public Participation, and Tools & Techniques for Public Participation.

International Institute for Restorative Practices ?
Two IIRP programs, RealJustice and SaferSanerSchools, offer trainings in restorative justice. RealJustice offers trainings for bringing the restorative justice model to the police and legal systems in our communities, including how to facilitate restorative conferences. And SaferSanerSchools offers trainings on bringing the restorative justice model into schools, including how to facilitate restorative circles with young people.

Jim Rough & Associates, Inc.?
Transformational workshops on facilitating Dynamic Facilitation - generative dialogue for creative and practical problem-solving, applicable to both technical and social issues.

National Coalition Building Institute ?
NCBI offers a unique prejudice reduction methodology, based on years of development, which has been taught to thousands of leaders worldwide. NCBI-trained leaders work together in multicultural teams and empower others to eliminate the harmful effects of institutionalized discrimination, enabling groups from diverse backgrounds to work together toward shared goals.

National Issues Forum?
Public Policy Institutes (PPIs) provide workshops on convening and moderating National Issues Forums (NIF). Some PPIs also offer instruction in the fundamentals of framing issues for deliberation. PPI participants observe and participate in community forums and study circles, practice moderating forums and study circles, and discuss how to organize NIF programs in their communities.

National MultiCultural Institute ?
NMCI is a national training and development organization which holds diversity conferences, conducts trainings, develops educational resource materials and initiates special projects of interest to the field. Organizations and communities which contact NMCI can request many types of diversity trainings, including interracial dialogue.

Public Conversations Project?
The Public Conversations Project offers workshops to help participants experience and understand the values, principles and premises that guide their work and practices. These workshops invite practitioners to develop a "reflective dialogic mindset" in which alignment is sought between belief, intention and action. Two of PCP's popular workshops are The Power of Dialogue and Inquiry as Intervention.

RMIT University ?
RMIT University in Australia offers an 8-week online course in e-moderation and online learning for educators, teachers and trainers. ?Use the link or email .

Socratic Seminars ?
The introductory workshop includes participation in a Socratic Seminar as well as a critique and a discussion of the implications for schooling. In the Leadership Training workshop, participants learn how to use Socratic questioning techniques and dialogue with students.

Study Circles Resource Center ?
The Study Circles Resource Center offers Orientation Workshops, designed to give a general overview of the community-wide study circle process and help explore whether study circles are right for your community. They also offer Organizing Clinics, designed to assist those who want to implement Study Circles in their community.

Wise Circle ?
High-quality trainings on facilitating online interaction, hosting and moderating live chat environments, hosting and moderating on-line communities and effective global teamwork. These interactive trainings are hands-on, in-depth, personalized and fun.

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