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My Personal Info
Full Name: John Engle
NCDD Member Since: Apr. 23, 2003
Contact For: Circles of Change
About Me: John Engle has facilitated hundreds of Open Space meetings in the US and Haiti during the last 15 years. In 1993, he cofounded the U.S.-based Beyond Borders and Haiti-based Limy� Lavi Foundation, partner organizations that promote children's rights, literacy, participatory leadership, and discussion based education throughout Haiti. John coordinates Beyond Borders' Circles of Change program, and spends nearly a quarter of each year in Haiti, where he lived from 1991 to 2004. He serves on the boards of Open Space Institute-USAHarvest Time, a U.S.-nonprofit supporting grassroots initiatives in Haiti.
My Work
Organization Name: Circles of Change
Description: Circles of Change is a 6-month training program that emerged after years of experimenting and piloting. Beyond Borders Haitian and expatriate staff began introducing Open Space and Reflection Circles (called Touchstones Discussions in the U.S.) to numerous Haitian organizations and groups in 1996 and �97. Among us were decades of combined experience in education, management and leadership. We discovered that an effective way to help people develop skills in dialog, respectful collaboration, and participatory teaching and leadership was to have groups of 18-25 engage in weekly sessions using Reflection Circle method lasting 1.5 hours over 6 months and to realize two or three Open Space meetings, each lasting a full day. The practitioners, (training is led by two Haitians skilled in Reflection Circles and Open Space) work with participants to develop themes for their Open Space meetings relevant to their concerns and their community�s most pressing issues. The group determines who should be invited to the Open Space meetings based on the theme and intentions. Nearly 300 Haitians--primarily teachers, community organizers and leaders--are completing these 6-month trainings each year. A thriving network has evolved with annual and regional gatherings, a listserve and numerous exchange visits among the people who have completed Circles of Change trainings. This initiative is coordinated by John Engle and Fremy Cesar along with a 7 member coordinating committee.
My Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 509-550-1636
Website URL:
Street Address: PO Box 337
City: Hershey
State/Province: PA
Zip or Country Code: 17033
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