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My Personal Info
Full Name: Jane Stallman
NCDD Member Since: Aug. 30, 2007
About Me: Jane Stallman brings energy, passion and a commitment to go the extra mile in helping organizations develop and implement new directions, tapping the potential of all participants. Her focus over the past 25 years is on designing and facilitating complex projects and meetings which support strategic objectives and enable effective organization and community change. Jane helps teams and organizations clarify direction and develop implement strategic action plans. As a manager of leadership and organizational development at Lockheed SkunkWorks®, Jane's work was tested in the fire of a challenging reality. During a period of significant organizational change and downsizing, all of the core programs that she developed and supported were retained by senior management because of their effectiveness in producing results. Jane's clients include government, school districts, community organizations, consulting organizations and businesses. Her clients appreciate her depth and breadth of experience, and she is often called on to design and facilitate multi-stakeholder meetings and to help plan complex projects that require a strong participatory focus.
My Work
Organization Name: Center for Strategic Facilitation €“ CSF
Title / Position: Senior Partner
My Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 510-532-6295
Website URL:
Street Address: 3129 Madera Avenue
City: Oakland
State/Province: CA
Zip or Country Code: 94619
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NCDD 2008 Attendee: Not yet
NCDD 2006 Attendee: No
NCDD 2004 Attendee: No
NCDD 2002 Attendee: No
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