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Signup Date: Sep. 22, 2007
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2008 NCDD Conference Participants, Everybody!, NCDD's Mentorship Group, Southern U.S.

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My Personal Info
Full Name: Landon Shultz, Ph.D.
NCDD Member Since: Mar. 21, 2005
Contact For: Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church
About Me: Landon is a minister and community activist living and working in Austin, Texas. He is committed to building healthy, productive communities by creating channels of communication and co-operation among existing social service providers, and by developing new and innovative programs to address community needs and interests. Landon has a BA in Psychology from Texas Christian University, a Master of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and both an MA in Psycholinguistics and a PhD in Special Education Administration from the University of Texas at Austin.
My Work
Organization Name: Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church
Title / Position: Minister
Description: Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church is a congregation of about 50-75 folks living in and around Austin, Texas. Bluebonnet Hills began in March of 1983 at Country Day School in Westlake Hills. These days, we meet in the Community Meeting Room in Lost Creek Subdivision. Our Sunday morning services begin and end with Prayer and Song, but we've replaced the traditional Sermon Time with a more flexible Dialogue Time. During the Dialogue Time, we encounter a series of questions intended to deepen our understanding of issues related to the practice of our faith. For example, on the Sunday before this description was written, we talked about the process by which the existing accounts of Jesus' life and ministry (known as the Gospels, which means "Good News") have been transmitted during the last 2000 years, with a view to evaluating how much confidence we can have in the Biblical text as it has come down to us, and how much confidence we can place in this text as a reliable guide for real life. (It worth noting that even persons who visit with our congregation for the first time find the conversation to be open enough that they feel comfortable joining in.) Our goal in our worship services is to empower persons to live meaningful Christian lives in the world of the 21st Century.
My Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 512-263-5368
Street Address: 10206 Aqua Verde Court
City: Austin
State/Province: TX
Zip or Country Code: 78733
NCDD Involvement
Member Type: Organizational Member (dues-paying)
NCDD 2008 Attendee: Yes
Mentorship Program: I'm interested in being a Mentor
Other involvement: Landon is serving on the planning team for the 2008 NCDD conference in Austin, Texas.
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