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Anonymous - 10:18 PM on Jul. 6, 2010  
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Last Update: 1 months ago
Signup Date: Sep. 20, 2007
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2008 NCDD Conference Participants, Canada, Everybody!, International, NCDD's Mentorship Group

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SZagon joined a group: 2008 NCDD Conference Participants
My Personal Info
Full Name: Sandra Zagon
NCDD Member Since: Apr. 3, 2003
Contact For: C2D2 and Ascentum
About Me: Sandra remains as active in retirement from Canada’s federal public service as she was throughout her 32 years working in the Government of Canada, during which she developed policy experience and networks in consultation, official languages, and learning. She co-founded the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation (C2D2) in 2006, after its first conference in 2005, which she also co-chaired. She co-chaired C2D2’s 2007 conference, is co-chair for the 2009 conference and remains a C2D2 Board Director. Sandra is also a senior associate with Ascentum, an Ottawa-based company dedicated to informed participation, specializing in engagement approaches integrating both face-to-face and online methods. October 2009.
My Work
Organization Name: C2D2 and Ascentum
Title / Position: Founding Co-Chair, C2D2 & Sr Associate, Ascentum
Description: C2D2, the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation, incorporated since 2006, is the Canadian child of NCDD. C2D2 is a growing network of individuals and organizations, across Canada, sharing the belief that dialogue and deliberation can help build better communities, better organizations and stronger democracies in other words, better world. Our vision is a democratic society where institutions, practices and culture foster constructive dialogue and deliberation in which Canadians are able to engage in thoughtful and challenging conversations about what really matters to them in ways that have a positive impact on their lives, their communities and their world.
My Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 613-762-1525
Website URL:
Street Address: 241 Goulburn Avenue
City: Ottawa
State/Province: ON
Country (if not U.S.): Canada
Zip or Country Code: K1N 8E5
NCDD Involvement
Member Type: Organizational Member (dues-paying)
NCDD 2008 Attendee: Yes
NCDD 2004 Attendee: Yes
NCDD 2002 Attendee: Yes
Mentorship Program: I'm interested in being a Mentor
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SZagon - 9:56 PM on Oct. 20, 2009  reply | message
Need to update my contact info. What is here is completely outdated. I just paid my membership. Sandra. 10/4