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My Personal Info
Full Name: Tokunbo Awoshakin
NCDD Member Since: Oct. 15, 2005
Contact For: Civic Life International
About Me: Tokunbo (Tokz) Awoshakin is a policy researcher and public engagement expert. Tokunbo trained at Poynter institute with Roy Peter Clark and Christopher "Chip" Scalan. He has worked in the United Nations and in Washington D.C as a journalist. Tokunbo works with the Kettering�s Foundation research group in Community politics and leadership study and is deeply steeped in blending indigenous African methods with contemporary deliberative approaches for strategic planning, community organizing and collaborative problem solving. As the executive director of Civic Life International (, Tokunbo has a proven track record of initiating and managing to completion projects and its dissemination to target audiences. Tokunbo is also the co-founder of the African Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (ACDD). He has successfully used dialogue and deliberative methods to engage diverse people and policy issues, including the use of oil revenue in the restive Nigerian Delta; HIV-AIDS among Youth in Africa; Race relations and Violence in United States. Tokunbo holds B.A in English and Educational Psychology, M.A in Int.l Development, Security & Conflict Resolution and he is a cohort in Antioch University�s distinctive PhD program in Leadership & Change.
My Work
Organization Name: Civic Life International
Title / Position: Founder/Executive Director
Description: Civic Life International is an organization dedicated to using dialogue, deliberation and media strategies to uncover emerging issues facing people and communities and strengthening the competencies of citizen, institutions and governments to respond to these challenges. We work in local communities in Africa and United States. We believe that an educated, engaged and deliberative citizenry is not only vital to a healthy democracy but also to a peaceful, healthy and vibrant community. We know a bit about convening dialogue and deliberation events. Rather than use one method, we weave multiple Indigenous and contemporary approaches into more holistic programs that meet a variety of needs, serve many community-building functions, and feed into each other in creative and useful ways.
My Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 937-259-9889
Website URL:
Street Address: 1140 Croyden Drive
City: Dayton
State/Province: OH
Zip or Country Code: 45420
NCDD Involvement
NCDD 2008 Attendee: Not yet
NCDD 2006 Attendee: Yes
NCDD 2004 Attendee: No
NCDD 2002 Attendee: No
Other involvement: Tokunbo has been working on forming an African Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (ACDD).

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