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Issues with Formatting Text & Adding Links
Sep. 28, 2007 4:12 PM - 1 comments
Hi All!

I hope everyone is enjoying our new interactive members directory.  I've really enjoyed the messages I've received over the last two weeks and especially appreciate the compliments.

Some of you have discovered an issue with the text editor / text formatting tool that pops up above the entry field for comments, blog posts and the like.  Unfortunately, the Safari browser (currently my browser of choice) doesn't see the editing tools and I imagine older browsers are equally blind to its convenience.

Mac Users: I would recommend installing the Camino browser on your system.  I use that as my back-up browser. Its Mozilla-based (same as Firefox) but is a much smaller installation and its interface relies on the basic Mac-style.  Camino will let you use the text editor which will allow you to format your posts and add links.  We're hoping that the final version of Safari 3 (released with the new Mac OS 10.5) will solve this problem as well.

PC Users: I would suggest using Firefox instead of an older version of Internet Explorer or Opera.

As always, if you have any questions, just drop me a line!

Welcome and Here's My New Email
Sep. 14, 2007 9:25 PM - 0 comments
Hey everybody! Welcome aboard.

I hope everything is working for you. If something doesn't, or if its a little confusing or just doesn't seem right... let me know. I'll fix it or help you deal with it, whatever needs done.I want to share my new emails with you. I just got a new laptop, a Mac, and I've really changed how I do my work. It was really liberating to get off my old set-up which had me doing 2/3 of my work on a PC and the rest on a Mac. Now I'm all MacBook Pro and loving it.

I'm retiring my original "" email address, "design@" in favor of the more personal "andy@" which you'll see listed here in the network. It would be great if you added it to your address books or contact lists so you'll be able to get messages from the network without them landing in your junk folder.

While you're doing that, please add another. Though I'm using "andy@" for this network, my new permanent email address is through "" and that is "afluke@". If I email you from outside the network it will be coming from this address.

Please let me know how the NCDD Members Network treats you and feel free to make me your colleague.

All the best!