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Description:This group was created to help Canadian NCDDers network and share information of particular interest to Canadians.
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JDiceman - Sep. 27, 2007  [ message ]
Hello fellow Canadian NCDD members.

I was wondering if any of you agree that “The Ontario Citizens' Assembly was an exceptional example of a legitimately democratic public policy development process.” ?

I'm aiming to build a short list of experts who agree with this statement and then to send out a press release. Currently there is almost no understanding of the Citizen's Assembly process among the public and this last week before the referendum is probably our best chance to give it some attention.

You can read my letter calling for public supporters of the Citizen's Assembly process here:

You can see the growing list of supporters here:

The current public supporters I have are all academics (and all men I might add). It would be great to show support from some practitioners like yourselves.

If you agree (or disagree) with the statement let me know. You can learn more about the assembly process at

Thanks for your attention. See you at C2D2!