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Group Name: African Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (ACDD)
Description:The African Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) brings together people and groups who actively practice, promote and study inclusive, high quality conversations. Collectively, we seek to nurture justice, innovation and democracy throughout society through the widespread use of transformational communication methods such as dialogue and deliberation. We believe that elevating the quality of thinking and communication in organizations and among citizens is key to solving Africa's most pressing problems. Dialogue and deliberation are powerful group processes that help people bridge gaps, make better decisions, take collective action, resolve conflict and become more active citizens. ACDD will provides resources, networking opportunities and programs for a growing African community of practice dedicated to solving group and societal problems through honest talk, quality thinking and collaborative actions
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JMbagwu - Oct. 10, 2007  [ message ]
I am making a presentation on Peace Making Through African Proverbs at Antioch University on the 17th Oct. You can come. Also I facilitate an online discussion on Nigerian Election with emphasis on reducing electoral violence. You can join the group. [email protected]