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Group Name: Economic society
Description:America is on the verge of some moments of great decision. In addition to record-level budget deficits, national debt, and trade deficits, we also have the upcoming retirement of the Baby Boomers, as well as the decline of the dollar, and outsourcing of industry. There is also the erosion of American economic and political influence, as well as our need to lead in creating a more sustainable society, and to address global warming. What sort of opportunities does this create for deliberation? Is there room in the deliberative community for processes which address and respond to these pressing issues? Your input is welcomed.
Category:Issues Addressed Through D&D
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SMantz - Sep. 24, 2007  [ message ]
This group can be our place to exchnge thoughts and ideas on the issues which most affect America's well-being as a society. Please feel free to join, and to add your comments and thoughts.