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Helping Out: Humanitarian Policy for Global Security
By DBoyer
I've been out on the road with the discussion report captured in the above title. So far the response is largely favorable. "Regular folks" certainly find it timely and "experts" seem to think it is possibly a helpful "starter" for discussions on the wider topic

Authentic Engagement, Polarization, "Types" of ...
By DSchneider
It is my observation that different "types" of people (different character structures) experience authentic engagement differently. The same interaction may be experienced by some as "intense" "fr

The Ultimate Meeting Logistics Checklist
By JDiceman
Meeting logistics are all the details that help a meeting go well, beyond who is invited, the agenda, facilitator and content.  A good logistics plan describes information such as: room set-up, including numbers of chairs, tables, flip-charts, etc. items for th

climate change policy possibilities
By DBoyer
I have recently concluded some further developmental public discussions of the climate change possibilities I framed out of the Copenhagen Conference. The possibilities are enlarged and include more contrast. A "working paper" concerning them is now posted at my section of www.interactivit

Democratic Practice and Process Project
By DBoyer
I am collecting concepts about democratic process and practice in order to inform two panels that I will be facilitating. These panels will function, in effect, as "citizen think tanks" and will develop policy possibilities for public discussion. This will likely go way beyond "electi

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