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Anonymous - 7:17 PM on Jul. 7, 2009  
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TBonnemann is looking forward "No Better Time" conference in Durham, NH.
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Signup Date: Sep. 14, 2007
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Europe, 2008 NCDD Conference Participants, D&D Research, DC Metro Area, Decision-Making, Everybody!, International, Northern California, Web Technology, Whole System Processes

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9 months ago
TBonnemann is looking forward to the IAP2/NCDD Northern California joint meetup on 10/21. Join us!
9 months ago
TBonnemann posted a comment on the group Northern California:
Please join us for our third IAP2/NCDD Northern California joint meetup: When: Tuesday, October 13 at 6.30pm Where: Location is not final yet. If enough people sign up, we'll find a venue near a Caltrain station either in San...
9 months ago
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9 months ago
TBonnemann logged in.
10 months ago
TBonnemann updated their profile.
10 months ago
TBonnemann and DavidPrice are now friends.
10 months ago
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My Personal Info
Full Name: Tim Bonnemann
NCDD Member Since: Aug. 7, 2006
Contact For: Intellitics
My Interest Areas: online dialogue & deliberation, e-democracy, civic sensemaking, group problem-solving and decision-making, second life, intellitics, zilino
My Work
Organization Name: Intellitics, Inc.
Title / Position: Founder and CEO
Description: Intellitics, Inc. is an early-stage startup in the e-participation space. Our first product is Zilino, a web-based software application for problem solving and decision making in large groups. Among other things, Zilino provides tools and process support for online dialogue and deliberation. Our goal is to make e-participation more efficient, more convenient, and more fun!
Other Organizations: German American Business Association of California (GABA-CA), International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), Social Media Club (SMC), Software Development Forum (SDForum), Web Monday, Barcamp
Where to Find My Work: My personal blog:


My Favorite Links: My bookmarks tagged "intellitics":
My Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 408-627-0700
Website URL:
City: San Jose
State/Province: CA
Zip or Country Code: 95128
NCDD Involvement
NCDD 2006 Attendee: Yes
NCDD 2004 Attendee: No
NCDD 2002 Attendee: No
NCDD's Mentorship Program: Sorry - not interested in the mentorship program
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SHeierbacher - 7:55 PM on Sep. 14, 2007  reply | message
Thanks for starting up a Europe group, Tim! That's a great idea. As we add members to the network, we'll automatically add those from Europe and those we know do a lot of work in Europe to your group.