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My Personal Info
Full Name: Tom Atlee
NCDD Member Since: Oct. 5, 2002
Contact For: The Co-Intelligence Institute
About Me: Awed by the evolutionary challenges and opportunities we face as a civilization, Tom Atlee researches and promotes dialogue, deliberation, and other resources for collective intelligence and conscious evolution. After 12+ years exploring what processes and institutions could create a wise democracy, he is now investigating with Peggy Homan how to apply evolutionary understandings to social transformation, and convening strategic conversations of evolutionary agents. He founded The Co-Intelligence Institute in 1996 and wrote The Tao of Democracy in 2003. He lives in Eugene, OR, in 5-cat consensus-based co-op household with his partner Karen Mercer and eight other very interesting people.
My Work
Organization Name: The Co-Intelligence Institute
Title / Position: Founder and President
Description: The nonprofit Co-Intelligence Institute (CII) promotes awareness of co-intelligence and of the many existing tools and ideas that can be used to increase it. The CII embraces all such ideas and methods, and explores and catalyzes their integrated application to democratic renewal, community problems, organizational transformation, national and global crises and the creation of just, vibrant, sustainable cultures.
My Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 541-683-3823
Website URL:
Street Address: 1680 Walnut Street
City: Eugene
State/Province: OR
Zip or Country Code: 97403
NCDD Involvement
Member Type: Organizational Member (dues-paying)
NCDD 2008 Attendee: Yes
NCDD 2004 Attendee: Yes
Mentorship Program: N/A
Other involvement: I am co-facilitating a pre-conference workshop the day before the 2008 NCDD conference begins in Austin. The workshop is entitled “The Underlying Dynamics of Conversations that Matter.”

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