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Welcome! The NCDD Members Network is not only an interactive directory of members of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, it's also a place where you can get to know each other better, share your work, discuss what you care about, and even collaborate on projects. Log in if you are an NCDD member, join NCDD if you're not, or learn about all the things you can do on the Network.

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Recent News
Welcome to the Beta Launch!
September 13, 2007
Hi Everyone! We've been working hard getting our new "interactive members directory" running smoothly. We're currently adding our first round of members, and we encourage all of you to take a minute and explore.
- Andy Fluke, NCDD Members Network Manager

Latest News, Notes & Blog Posts
First DemocracySpace water cooler is October 11
By JFanselow
Hey everyone ... I hope you are having a great week. I would like to invite you to our inaugural water cooler session at It's this Thursday, October 11, at 1 p.m. Eastern. Each month, we’ll have a live blog session at DemocracySpace where...

Pleased to meet all of you!
By JFanselow
Hello from Boise, Idaho! My name is Julie Fanselow, and I have been working with the Study Circles Resource Center since 2002, mainly writing stories about communities that have successfully used study circles to create positive change.I'll still be writing stories...

Issues with Formatting Text & Adding Links
By AFluke
Hi All! I hope everyone is enjoying our new interactive members directory.  I've really enjoyed the messages I've received over the last two weeks and especially appreciate the compliments. Some of you have discovered an issue with the text editor /...

My first posting and live URL musings
By JSpady
Hey folks, I just posted to the global group and I found that I could not insert a live URL link into the posting. I'm wondering out loud for my first blog entry if live URLs will be possible to our group postings in the future or not? It looks like I can add a...

Was the Ontario Citizens' Assembly the Most Democratic Process in History?
By JDiceman
Starting September 2006, 103 randomly selected Ontario citizens committed to 30-40 hours a month for 8 months to get educated, hear public consultation and deliberate on the topic of electoral reform to make a unified policy recommendation that will be voted on by a...

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