PCP's Inquiry as Intervention training

On February 10, the Public Conversations Project will offer its highly acclaimed training "Inquiry as Intervention: Crafting Questions with Purpose and Impact" in Boston, Massachusetts.

The questions asked by practitioners affect what the parties in a conflict think is possible for their communication, their relationship, and the outcome of their conflict. Since 1989, the Public Conversations Project has been refining the use of "opening questions" in transforming conflictual conversations. Participants in this workshop will focus on the power of crafting, asking, and responding to questions, and will explore the power and potential of questions for their own practice and daily lives. Fee is $160-$250 (sliding scale).

For more info: Contact Manda Bohannon at 888-727-8326 or , or go to www.publicconversations.org/pcp/index.asp?page_id=124&catid=51

Added January 26, 2004