Institute for Global Leadership course

On February 16-20 in New York City, the Institue for Global Leadership will offer a course called "Designing and Implementing Interventions for Global Change at the United Nations for a Culture of Peace."

This course is for people who are searching for a new way to address global challenges that emphasize respect for human rights, peaceful settlement of disputes, ethics, values and systems that will secure greater ecological integrity, economic and social well being. Eighty participants from fifteen countries have taken the five previous courses, encouraging global citizens to come whether seasoned or not with previous UN experience. Every day begins with reflection in the Dag Hammarskjold Meditation Room at the United Nations. $700 plus room and board.

For more info: Contact Virginia Swain at 508-753-4172 x3, 508-245-6843 (mobile), or , or go to

Added January 26, 2004