PCP Workshop: Staying grounded when on the spot

On April 20-21, 2004, the Public Conversations Project will offer one of their new trainings, called "Staying Grounded When on the Spot: A Skill Building Workshop for Facilitators" in Boston, Massachusetts.

No amount of pre-meeting collaboration and preparation can guarantee that a meeting will be without surprises or confusion. When these occur, facilitators need to know what to do or refrain from doing. They need to be grounded in a principled approach to serving the participants and their shared purposes. With such grounding, responses can be chosen quickly or perhaps even invented on the spot. In this workshop, through presentations, exercises, case examples and discussion, participants will develop skills in staying grounded, even in difficult moments.

For more info: For a complete workshop description or to register, visit www.publicconversations.org/pcp/index.asp?catid=51

Added January 26, 2004