PCP Training: Eliciting New Stories about Conflict

On May 13, The Public Conversations Project will offer its new training "Eliciting New Stories about Conflict: Interviewer Stance, Framework, and Practice" in Boston, Massachusetts. Participants will explore frameworks and experiential exercises to learn how to listen for what is not said - the absent but implicit - so they can assist parties in thinking about their conflicts in new and constructive ways.

People "stuck" in conflict often view the situation and the parties involved through a narrow and unchanging lens. This workshop presents ways to elicit enriched stories that help people move beyond their old, polarizing "conversations" to develop new perspectives and relationships. Fee is $160-$250 (sliding scale).

For more info: Contact Manda Bohannon at 888-727-8326 or , or go to www.publicconversations.org/pcp/index.asp?page_id=205&catid=51

Added January 26, 2004