Service-Learning Gathering Engages Participants in Learning Circles

The Educators for Community Engagement?’s 2004 National Gathering will be held at Berea College in Berea, Kentucky from June 17-20, 2004. This 10th anniversary gathering will center around serious discussions between people who are truly dedicated to the concept of service-learning. National Gatherings differ from the usual academic conference in that you will join in a learning circle of your choice and remain there for the duration of the gathering - usually two days. During this time you will not only engage in amazingly in-depth discussions of extremely varied topics, but you will come to know others in your circle in a way not possible at an ordinary conference. In fact, you will develop some of the most meaningful and useful personal contacts imaginable. These people will continue to provide guidance, advice, and support (as will you yourself) throughout the year until the next gathering.

Added by Sandy on February 01, 2004