Petra Fellow Awards to Honor Individuals for Human and Civil Rights Work

Through the Petra Fellow Awards program, the New York City-based Petra Foundation ( seeks to honor individuals for their distinctive contributions to the human and civil rights, autonomy, and dignity of others. In addition to awarding fellows a modest financial stipend, the organization seeks to amplify their voices, publicize innovative models for change, foster collaborations, and build a network of emerging and experienced leaders who cross the lines of age, race, class, and issue to work together to build a more just society. The deadline for nominations is February 12, 2004.

Individuals nominated for a Petra Foundation Award should display a combination of activism and thought, force of character, independence of judgment, and clarity of expression. The nominee's activities should be devoted either to the cause of racial equality, with special emphasis on Native Americans and people of color; or to the autonomy of persons, groups, families, and communities; or to freedom of speech, expression, and thought. The nominee should be someone who is not widely recognized; who does not have personal privilege or a strong institutional base of support; and who has demonstrated a capacity to grow, overcome obstacles, and make a significant contribution to human freedom by leading, teaching, or otherwise helping others.

Nominations should be submitted without the knowledge of the nominees. Most Petra Fellows work in the U.S. Nominators considering a foreign nominee should contact the foundation before submitting a nomination.

See the foundation's Web site for complete program guidelines and/or to download a nomination form.

Added by Sandy on February 01, 2004