Planetwork Interactive Brings Together Activists & Innovators in Info Technology

Join innovators from the world of information technology, peace and social justice activists, environmental visionaries, independent media pioneers and many others to explore how social networks, information technologies and the Internet can play a key role in the 2004 election and beyond, to support emerging global democracy everywhere, including Florida. Planetwork InterActive will be held at the Golden Gate Club in the San Francisco Presidio
June 5-6, 2004.

Our next annual event, The Planetwork Interactive, will provide an opportunity for the extended Planetwork community to meet, interact and work on a number of themes. In addition to an extensive Open Source Open Space process spanning two days, there will be a number of other thematic tracks:
- InterActivism: Online Organizing Strategies,

Opportunities & Lessons
- Environmental: Proactive Responses to
Global Warming & the 6th Extinction
- Digital Identity: Social Networking Software
for Civil Society and Planetary Citizens
- The Real-World Game: Bucky's SpaceShip Earth meets
Sim Earth and morphs into a Digital Earth MUDD

Come participate in two days of intensive interactivity at the Planetwork InterActive

- Expand your networks and share resources
- Forge new models; implement creative solutions
- Renew your energy and commitment in an atmosphere of hope and empowerment
- Build a peaceful and sustainable future

Registration is $100 each day.

Added February 14, 2004