Intentional Living Institute will hold 2nd Annual Retreat

The Intentional Living Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina, will hold its 2nd annual retreat April 23-25, 2004. The Retreat, ?“Integra: Dialoguing from the Heart, Dialoguing for Powerful Breakthroughs,?” will be held in North Carolina?’s Uhwarrie Forest. The ILI will convene a pleasurable, inspiring and learning-filled weekend. Essential tools and skills will be presented that are based on the ILI's Integra Model of Dialogue & Negotiation (copyright Chris Saade). Through this weekend learning experience, inspiring insight will be gained related to the ILI's underlying philosophy of "Negotiated Living." A philosophy based on the belief that humanity's next great evolutionary step is that of mastering the art and skills of "Negotiated Living." You can also look forward to campfires, walks in the woods and canoeing. For more information or to reserve a space, contact Barry Sherman at (704) 358-9630 (ext.1) or .

Added February 11, 2004