Intentional Living Institute to Hold 5th Annual Conference

The Intentional Living Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina, will hold its 5th annual conference May 21-23, 2004. The conference is called ?“Integra: The Power & Beauty of Heart-Centered Dialogue & Negotiated Living.?”

The Intentional Living Institute is committed to helping bring about a world of respectful and peaceful co-existence. A world that truly welcomes and honors the vast diversity of our shared humanity. To this end, we believe it is very helpful for individuals to learn intentional tools and skills of (what we call) heart-centered dialogue and negotiated living. Through acquiring such skills, a person's day-to-day living can be transformed. Breakthroughs begin to occur in relationships with family members and friends. The way we show up in our work environment begins to demonstrate to our co-workers the possibility for a different and more life-nourishing manner of interaction. It is our belief that through cultivating such tools of dialogue and negotiation in our day-to-day living, we take significant steps toward bringing about a world where mutual respect and peaceful co-existence are real possibilities.

Exploring and delving into some of the essential tools of the ILI's INTEGRA model will be the focus of this conference experience.

For more information or to reserve a space, contact Barry Sherman at (704) 358-9630 (ext.1) or .

Added February 07, 2004