Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra Facilitates Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue in New York

The Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, in partnership with the Dialogue Project, hosted a series of dialogues among Jewish-Palestinian groups in New York through their presentation of the John Adams opera ?“The Death of Klinghoffer.?” The Klinghoffer Dialogue Project, led by Ted Wiprud--Animating Democracy veteran through the American Composers Orchestra project ?“Coming to America?”--consisted of three pre-production dialogue sessions, each focusing on one aspect of the production: the words, the staging, and the music of the opera; and one postproduction dialogue offering an opportunity for participants to reflect and discuss related issues. In addition, as part of the ongoing Open Rehearsal Initiative, classes at three diverse Brooklyn high schools studied ?“The Death of Klinghoffer.?” Animating Democracy supported this project; a profile of the project is being developed for our website.

Added by Sandy on February 15, 2004