IONS Conference on Consciousness & Media

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) wanted me to let you know about their "Consciousness & Media" conference in Santa Barbara, California, May 28-30, 2004. According to IONS, this is a rare gathering of media professionals and consciousness scholars to explore the impact of mass media on the quality and content of our consciousness; to dialogue on how contemporary media report, reflect, or ignore trends or issues in consciousness; and to identify positive and inspiring alternatives to the dominance of ?“bad news.?”

This conference is a call for a new form of ?“embedded journalism?”?—where wisdom, integrity, compassion, creativity, and inspiration are embedded in the daily and weekly fare served up to us by print and broadcast media. Register at For more info, email or contact Nancy Ferracci at La Casa de Maria by calling 805-565 9062.

Added February 27, 2004