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?“The U.S. Role in a Changing World?” is one of the newest units published by the Choices for the 21st Century Education Program of Brown University. This new unit helps students reflect on global changes, assess national priorities, and decide for themselves through informed deliberation the role the US should play in the world today. Click below for info about other resources and ordering details.

Other New and Updated Titles
- Confronting Genocide: Never Again? (1st Edition)
- Responding to Terrorism: Challenges for Democracy (3rd Edition)
- The Cuban Missile Crisis: Considering its Place in Cold War History (2nd Edition)
- The Limits of Power: The United States in Vietnam (6th Edition)
- Reluctant Colossus: America Enters the Age of Imperialism (3rd Edition)

Series Available
- U.S. HISTORY SERIES: 11 titles for $150
- WORLD HISTORY SERIES: 4 titles for $50
- CURRENT ISSUES SERIES: 13 titles for $175
- COMPLETE CHOICES SERIES: all 25 titles for $345

Ordering From CHOICES
Units can be ordered ONLINE at, by mailing our PRINTABLE ORDER FORM (with payment), or by calling 401-863-3155. The complete series (25 units) can be ordered at a discount ($345) using the PRINTABLE ORDER FORM

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The U.S. Role in the World:
Includes a lesson plan involving discussion of four distinct alternatives - or Futures - that frame the current debate on the U.S. role in the world. This activity features an online student ballot that allows your students' opinions to be included on a nationally distributed report. The U.S. Role in the World is a great introduction - or conclusion - to many of the international topics covered in curriculum units from The CHOICES Program?Šand it's FREE!

This is a great way to engage your students in one of the key the issues being discussed in the primary campaigns.

Also free from CHOICES
The CHOICES Program has developed curriculum to accompany the Academy Award nominated documentary film, The Fog of War.

If you did not receive your FREE copy of The Fog of War Teacher's Guide, you can download copies from our web site at Primary sources and additional curriculum resources to accompany the Teacher's Guide are available online at no cost.

Check the CHOICES Program web site for new and updated resources.

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