International Course Offered on Facilitating Multi-Stakeholder Processes

The International Agricultural Centre (IAC) in Wageningen, the Netherlands is offering an international course called ?“Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and social learning?” from September 13 through October 1, 2004. For more information and application forms, go to, or read more by clicking below.

There is a growing demand for professionals who are able to design and facilitate the processes of dialogue, negotiation, interactive decision making and social learning that are recognized as essential for sustainable development. The course focuses on levels of participation that go beyond local community processes. Therefore participants will deal with the challenges of integrating participatory development ideas with established institutions and governance mechanisms at provincial, national and international scales.

The course covers the latest thinking and practice on MSPs. A coherent conceptual framework is offered that enables participants to integrate diverse ideas from different disciplines providing a basis for effective and creative facilitation. Participants will explore a wide array of methodologies and tools that can be used in multi-stakeholder processes and will strengthen their facilitation skills. The course is built around personal learning agendas and provides participants with ample opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and learn from others.

Added by Sandy on March 01, 2004