CBCRC Seeks Articles on Evaluation of Collaborative Processes

The good folks at the Community Based Collaboratives Research Consortium(CBCRC) are looking for articles that address evaluation of community-based collaborative processes for the second edition of their new journal. The deadline for submission of articles is April 28, 2004. In addition to feature articles, CBCRC is interested in highlighting new research and books, and upcoming conferences and workshops. Click below for more details.

CBCRC is looking for:

1) Feature Articles: These are our major in-depth articles. If you have an article profiling a community-based collaborative (especially one that relates to monitoring and outcomes) and would like to be considered for one of these slots, please send it to Melissa Taylor at [email protected]. Articles or papers should be 3-10 pages in length.

2) New Research Highlights: These should be short articles (three to five paragraphs) highlighting new community-based collaborative research and/or projects.

3) Books and Research (along with related websites): Please send one-paragraph descriptions of books or research published in 2003 that relate to community-based collaborative processes. Include complete ordering information.

4) Conferences and Workshops: Please send one-paragraph descriptions of conferences or training workshops that are scheduled for June 2004 or later and relate to community based collaborative activities. Be sure to include all contact information.

5) Pictures: Please send photos highlighting your collaborative efforts.

To learn more about the CBCRC web-based Journal, or to review the Fall 2003 edition, go to www.cbcrc.org click on the journal button and then click on 'log in' to view.

Submissions for the Spring 2004 edition can be sent to Melissa Taylor at: . She can also be reached at 434.924.0263

*Please note that this is not a peer reviewed journal. The primary purpose of this on-line journal is to share information about the work that all of you are doing. Feel free to contact Melissa with questions or ideas. We look forward to receiving your submissions.*

Melissa Taylor and Karen Firehock
Karen Firehock, Coordinator and Webmaster
Community Based Collaboratives Research Consortium
434-924-5041; FAX: 434-924-0231

Added by Sandy on March 20, 2004