Oregon Nonviolent Communication Network Announces Important Event

The Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication is excited to announce that on May 5th, 2004, the Salem Oregon NVC (Nonviolent Communication) team are bringing together Marshall Rosenberg and Mark Umbreit, the Director of the Center for Restorative Justice and Peace Making, a key figure in the Restorative Justice movement. Also present at this event will be Dow Gordon and Walter Armstrong, founding members of the Freedom Project.

The day will focus on how best to create a dialogue between the service providers and community based organizations and the various Departments of Justice which they serve.

When the Dalai Lama planned his trip to New York, he asked to meet with twenty people from the United States who had been incarcerated, people from all ethnic backgrounds. Walter Armstrong was invited to attend. For more information about the Freedom Project, write Freedom Project, P.O. Box 30832, Seattle, WA 98113; email ; or call Walter Armstrong at (206) 325-5678.

Please call 503-990-0813 or 541-327-7933 or email should you wish any further information on this exciting event.

Added March 19, 2004


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