Invitation to a Do-Gooders Exchange in DC

Members of the D&D community are invited to attend a unique Open Space event called the Do-Gooders Exchange: How Can We Do a Better Job? in Washington DC April 30 and May 1, 2004. As you know, the gap between the world?’s rich and poor continues to grow. This gathering is for individuals or representatives of projects, organizations, churches, mosques, synagogues, associations, etc., who are concerned about this trend and want to play a positive role in changing the status quo. The Exchange is for people who know from personal experience that the journey is long and difficult, and they wish to learn more about staying healthy, vibrant and effective while helping others.

Many individuals and organizations, often with substantial personal and financial resources, try to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Some efforts are successful but many fail. We need to improve our practices so that we can have a better impact on individual lives and project goals.

If you care about these challenges and are involved in education, micro-credit, job creation, short-term mission trips or cultural exchanges, leadership development, counseling, issues concerning peace and nonviolence, advocacy, or health-care, we urge you to attend this gathering. We believe that you will leave with new insights and ideas, new contacts and friends, and, most important of all, encouragement and inspiration.

We will use the Open Space format for our gathering. In Open Space, participants are invited to propose subjects and questions that they want the group to address. When we have collectively created our agenda, individuals will organize and join the small group discussions that interest them.

The results of The Exchange will include:

- A written record of proceedings that contains notes from the many small group discussions. It will be on-line and available to interested others.
- New contacts and resources to help us on our journeys.
- Deepened friendships among people who share common interests and commitments.
- And the possible emergence of new and exciting initiatives.

Sally Cole, former administrator at Stanford University and at Duke University, has volunteered to join The Exchange gathering and take responsibility for the record of proceedings. After living for two years at Wings of Hope Home for Disabled Children in Fermathe, Haiti, Sally has recently moved to Petion-Ville (Haiti) and is eager to become involved in these types of initiatives.

Space is limited, so you are encouraged to make a decision quickly and make reservations ASAP. You can print a registration form out by going to Please mail it along with a check for $60 - $100 (depending on your budget) to: John Engle, P.O. Box 42302, Washington D.C. 20015. The check should be made out to: John Engle. Coffee, Tea and croissants will be served both mornings as well as lunch.

To access a registration form, see a current list of participants, obtain list of suggested guesthouses for lodging, and for other information about the event, go to, scroll down and click on: The Do-Gooders Exchange.

We hope you decide to attend The Do-Gooders Exchange: How can we do a better job?

When: Friday, April 30, and Saturday May 1, 2004 (8:30am to 4pm both days)
Where: Festival Center, (Servant Leadership School -
1640 Columbia Rd. NW, Washington, DC

Added March 22, 2004