New York Gathering of People Involved in Transformative Practices

Kaliya Hamlin, Co-Executive Director of Integrative Activism, invites you to attend Standing Together: A gathering for people bringing transformational practices to social change. The event will be held April 26-29 at Omega in New York. Read the full announcement below, or email Kaliya at for more details.

We are living in perilous times. Many activists and social change leaders are struggling to find a source deep enough to sustain them in the face of the violence and despair so prevalent in our nation and our world, and to create new models of living and acting even while engaging directly with the impact of a society deeply out of balance.

Thousands of people are developing and implementing transformative practices to support and sustain the social change movement, and to help our efforts to be more effective, unified and healthy. These practices aim to bring transformative principles ("inner work," authentic communication, spiritual/contemplative or mindfulness practice, community building, etc.) into progressive organizations and movements. A large subset of this movement is using experiential group work to awaken, explore and demonstrate the power of these transformative principles. We are beginning to recognize each other, to see similar hopes and challenges. And as we find ways to gather, we find we stand on firmer ground, and we can stretch further.

We will officially begin on Monday at dinner at 6:00 and end with lunch around 12 on Thursday. It is possible to arrive earlier than this and even on Sunday. Informal connections and group discussion will be possible as people arrive.

I N T E G R A T I V E A C T I V I S M :
Catalyzing Transformational Social Change
with Social Networking and Collaborative Technologies

Co-Executive Director,
Kaliya Hamlin

Added March 23, 2004