Game Used to Increase Citizen Engagement in Queens Spurs Query

An email from Harvard Ph.D. candidate Alexandra Samuel to the Do-Consult listserv today asked: "The Community Board in Queens, NY has developed a cell phone-enabled game that is intended to boost awareness and use of its citizen engagement web site ( Has anyone else used games to promote an online engagement process?" Click below for a description of the game used in Queens. Email Alexandra at if you have any info to share.

Here's the description of the game in Queens:

To promote awareness and site use, the Board is developing The Great Tree Hunt Game. The game will have teams of players searching the community for tree resources with different point values: the tallest tree (80 points), the widest (80 points), walnuts (30 points), empty tree pits (120 points), trees infected by the Asian Longhorn Beetle (500 points), etc. Tree resource Info will be sent via cell phone email to a "District 3 Tree Resource Database." These resources will populate a "District Tree Resource Map" and a "Great Tree Hunt Game Scoreboard" that will regularly increment each teamıs points. The teams with the most points at the end of the day receive prizes.

Alexandra Samuel

Added by Sandy on March 28, 2004