New Rogue Valley Wisdom Council Video Available Online

You know that amazing picture that's posted on NCDD's main page right now? The one with the people holding up a banner that says "We the People"? Well, that's the Rogue Valley Wisdom Coucil, an important democratic experiment that's been going on in Oregon. I just received an email letting me know that the video footage of the first Rogue Valley Wisdom Council, which took place in November, has been incorporated into a 22-minute video. If you're curious about Wisdom Councils or Dynamic Facilitation, this video allows you to watch the process unfold, as the panelists grapple with issues and find common ground. Click below for more info.

One way to view the video is online, as "streaming video" that uses the RealPlayer media viewer. If you have RealPlayer, click here to view the video. You can also find a Link to the video at, along with lots of other information, pictures, and links. If you don't have RealPlayer, you can download it at

Email Lance Bisaccia at if you have questions about the Rogue Valley Wisdom Council.

Added April 03, 2004