Democracy In America Convention to Take Place this August

I received an e-letter from David Wick a few days ago about the upcoming Democracy in America Convention. The Convention is happening in conjunction with Let's Talk America, the project NCDD is involved in with the Utne Institute, Conversation Cafes and the World Cafe.

The Convention will take place this August 19-22 in Springfield, Illinois, and it will bring together people from all 50 states to "ignite the unified voice of 'We the People'" through dialogue and deliberation. Click below to read the full message.

April 19, 2004

Dear Concerned American Citizen:

Hello, this is David Wick, sending you an historic invitation. As a thought leader, and a connector of people, you are among the first to receive this message.

On April 19, 1775, two hundred and twenty nine years ago TODAY, Paul Revere rode through the night sounding the alarm for democracy. Today it is me, and others like me, who are again calling fellow Americans to citizen action. I urge you to spread the word and to join people from all 50 states at an event of historic importance, the Democracy in America Convention, August 19 ?– 22, 2004 in Springfield, Illinois (

We have allowed America to become deeply divided. The integrity of the foundation that patriots like Revere laid is threatened. And as another historic visionary, Abraham Lincoln, strongly cautioned just yards from the site of this modern Convention, ?“a house divided against itself cannot stand.?”

Democracy takes guts. It?’s a participatory process, not a spectator sport. It requires keeping an open mind, with honest, respectful listening and speaking. We have important work to do! Please take your place in bringing greater health to our democracy, and proudly leave a legacy where our children, and the children of the future, will thank us.

Take personal responsibility right now for healing America. Step forward and join the national campaign to ignite the unified voice of ?“We the People?” that will be born in Springfield.

See for details!

Thank you!

David Wick
Democracy in America Convention

Added by Sandy on April 22, 2004