Summer Schedule for Reconciliation Leadership Certificate Program

Virginia Swain sent me an announcement today about the Institute for Global Leadership's summer schedule for their UN-affiliated Basic Reconciliation Leadership?™ Certificate Program. Click below to read about the individual modules, which are held in June, July and August.

Modules 1-4 address clarification of vocational calling, coming to peace in oneself and personal competencies. All Modules after that build on Modules 1-4. Module 5 addresses interpersonal competencies; Module 6 address systemic and global competencies; Module 7 allows the participant leader to practice their new learning and competencies using their mission statement as it applies to a need to reconcile a community, institutional or global challenge for the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World (2001-2010). A personal interview is required before registration for the courses.

Module 1: The Practice of Reconciliation Leadership?™ (4-6 June and 1-3
July) Reconciliation Leadership?™ is a distinct vocation, requiring reflection time first for knowledge of one's own values, gifts and talents. Leaders are often rewarded for their drive, productivity, and long work hours. What would it mean for a leader to take time apart for reflection? For leaders to step off the treadmill? This experiential module offers a process and framework for emerging and existing leaders to become aware of gifts and talents, and begin to trust one?’s inner voice, confirm vocational calling, learn to access one?’s deepest hopes and visions, and to write a beginning statement of mission that would lead into Module 2. (16 hours)

Module 2 Writing a Mission Statement for the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World (2001-2010) Participant leaders write their own mission statement based on their unique gifts and special calling to service in the Decade. (Individual Mentoring with Virginia Swain ?– 8 hours)

Module 3 Work, Purpose, Place and Peace (17-19 September, St. James Retreat Center, Tiverton, RI) In understanding the work of a reconciler as a distinct vocation, it is important (to enable and encourage harmony and peace amongst those we seek to bring together from estrangement) that we ourselves comprehend at a profound level the distinct ways in which we are gifted as individuals. We must appreciate the full nature of our purpose through the ownership, appreciation and application of our core values, skills, talents, and special calling. (Michael E. Collins and Barbara V. Wheeler, Co-Instructors, Co-Directors, Community Resource and Renewal Center, Portsmouth, RI Register by August 16.

Module 4: Reconciliation of Polarities (July16-18 2004) Interpersonal relationship skills will be learned through exercises that enable the participants to experience alternative methods of working with disparate views and belief systems leading to the development of a perspective which recognizes the essential value and inherent dignity of each human being. Register by June 18, 2004

Module 5: Spiritual Kinship (August 20-22 2004) Tiverton, RI

Module 6: Designing and Implementing Interventions for Community, Institutional and Global Change (July 6-10th United Nations, NY) The Reconciliation Leader?™ learns theoretical and practical skills to intervene in systems resistant to change to create peaceful, ethical, just, humane, culturally sensitive, and sustainable structures and frameworks. The course provides resources and processes for interventions developed in local and international settings since 1992. Register by June 5.

Module 7: Mentored Practicum in Own Setting (completed off-site, under
supervision) The leader will apply all of the skills learned thus far as well as a mission statement to an mentored reconciliation project to create a harmonious multiethnic community, institution, national or global project in a situation of her/his own choosing.

For more information and tuition on the Basic and Advanced Reconciliation Leadership?™ Certificate Program to be launched in 2005 at the United Nations, go to, and click on upcoming.

Added April 28, 2004