AmericaSpeaks Returns to Charlotte, NC

From AmericaSpeaks 4/29/04 enewsletter for their facilitators: In September 2004, AmericaSpeaks will return to Charlotte, NC to again partner with the Lee Institute in the development of a 21st Century Town Meeting for Mecklenberg County. The ?“United Agenda for Children" will bring together somewhere between 1500 and 2000 residents to discuss child and family services, and education. This 21st Century Town Meeting?™ is part of a comprehensive 3-year effort to implement a shared action plan ensuring all children in Mecklenburg County are healthy, safe, and well educated. Congratulations to Anne Udall and Cyndee Patterson for their great work with the volunteer Steering Committee over the last several months. And kudos to Tracy Russ for bringing a team from Charlotte to "Behind the Scenes" at Listening to the City in July, 2002. The team that came to New York went back to Charlotte and got commitment to run the Feb. 2003 "The Region Speaks," a smaller meeting to expose more community leaders to what is possible in the world of citizen engagement. Out of that spark, with a lot of significant work in the community, this initiative for the well-being of children has evolved.

Added by Sandy on May 01, 2004