Compassionate Listening Project Fosters Jewish-German Reconciliation

The Compassionate Listening Project will offer a unique training in the Washington DC area October 10-18, 2004. The project, which fosters reconciliation among Jews and Germans, was held in Germany in 2002 and 2003, and this will be the first time it is offered in the U.S. Jewish and German participants ?– from all nations ?– are welcome to participate. Participants will learn the skills of Compassionate Listening and begin to explore and heal the Jewish-German wound. For more details, contact co-directors Brian Berman at (360/297-3358) or Andrea Cohen at (206/523-6018). Click below to read the full announcement.

The project begins at the Wellspring Retreat Center, located in a beautiful natural setting outside of Germantown, MD, and ends with three days in Washington, D.C. Through our daily programs, we will learn the skills of Compassionate Listening and begin to explore and heal the Jewish-German wound. Our journey will take us to the National Archives and the Holocaust Museum to learn about family histories - and to listening sessions with Holocaust survivors.

Our training curriculum includes theory, exercises, and practice sessions that will help participants gain a deeper historical understanding of the Jewish-German relationship and re-humanize the ?“other.?” Individuals will learn how to work with their own internal conflicts and judgments to become instruments of reconciliation and healing.

Our highly skilled team of Jewish American and non-Jewish German facilitators holds the safe, respectful space needed for this work.

COST: $1,475*
*Transportation costs to and from the airport are not included. Price is based on double occupancy.

Space is limited. Advanced registration is required.
For more information, contact co-directors Brian Berman at [email protected] (360/297-3358) or Andrea Cohen at [email protected] (206/523-6018).

To learn more about Jewish-German Compassionate Listening, go to

Please register directly by calling 360/297-2280 or online at


The Compassionate Listening Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to heal polarization and build bridges between people, communities and nations in conflict.

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Our guidebook for Compassionate Listening, "Listening With the Heart" and videos, "Children of Abraham" and "Crossing the Lines: Palestinians and Israelis speak with The Compassionate Listening Project" are available for purchase from our website or by contacting our office.

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