Community of Practice on Democratic Dialogue Announces Chat with Ximena Zuniga

If you're involved in dialogue and deliberation work on a college campus and haven't yet joined AAHE's Democratic Dialogue COP, now might be the time. The COP - and online space for networking and info sharing led by Nancy Thomas - is hosting a chat on this Monday, June 7, from 3:00-4:00 p.m. on intergroup dialogue. Ximena Zuniga, professor of education at the University of Massachusetts, is the special guest for this chat. This is your chance to brainstorm with others and with someone who has started and maintained intergroup dialogue programs on campuses. Click below for the rest of Nancy's announcement and instructions on signing up for the COP.

Ximena Zuniga teaches in areas of diversity and social justice education in higher education. She is the co-editor of Multicultural Teaching in the University (1992) and Readings for Diversity and Social Justice (2001), as well as numerous chapters and articles on the theory, practice, and research re intergroup dialogues. She is also the former director of the Program on Intergroup Relations, Conflict, and Community at the University of Michigan.

We have more chats lined up, such as one on case method teaching and one on creating "think tanks," so please join in!

Directions for logging on are below. Call me if you have any problems.

Nancy Thomas

Nancy L. Thomas, JD, EdD
Director, Democracy Project
Society for Values in Higher Education
(860) 657-9907 (tel.)
(860) 659-0222 (fax)

To join the COP and the chat:
Go to Fill in your user ID and password. Once you click submit, you'll be directed to your own workspace in the AAHE WebCenter entitled "My Workspace." To join the Democratic Dialogue COP, click the "Membership" button to the left, check the box next to the Democratic Dialogue COP description. That should put you into the site. From there, hit the CHAT button.

Added by Sandy on June 02, 2004