Fall 2004 Peace Studies Program in South Africa

People to People Ambassador Programs is coordinating a delegation of professionals specializing in peacemaking and conflict resolution who will travel to South Africa October 16-27, 2004. Delegates will visit professionally related sites and meet with those specializing in conflict transformation, reconciliation, peace studies, restorative justice, and other related areas. The exchange will include extensive discussions on the application of diverse conflict resolution and peacebuilding strategies to address critical social issues, e.g. racism and the residual effects of slavery and apartheid, domestic violence, the AIDS epidemic, gangs....

People to People & PeaceWeb Announce
Fall 2004 Peace Studies Program in South Africa

Delegates will explore education-based conflict resolution programs, including peer mediation and anti-bullying programs in elementary and secondary schools, and peace and justice studies at the university level. The delegation will also be looking at community-based mediation and restorative justice programs, and a range of other issues relating to effective peacemaking projects in neighborhoods, schools, congregations, and government.

This Peace Studies Delegation is being led by Ann Yellott, National Coordinator for PeaceWeb (formerly known as The National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution). Ann is looking forward to sharing this unique opportunity for professional growth and personal transformation with colleagues from around the world.

?“I encourage all individuals concerned with building peace and connecting conflict resolution practices to social justice issues to pursue this rare and exciting opportunity,?” she said. ?“Delegates will play a definite role in refining the themes and topics for discussion, and defining the processes for sharing information and insights during this international exchange.?”

Delegates will visit three primary areas ?— Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, and Cape Town ?— experiencing South Africa?’s culture and heritage along the way.

Ambassador Programs has been conducting educational programs for professionals in significant locations around the world for more than 40 years. The delegations allow professionals to exchange information with their overseas counterparts, while forging significant bonds of international friendship.

Program details and a registration form are available by calling 1-877-787-2000 or e-mailing . More information on People to People Ambassador Programs can be found on the web site, http://www.ambassadorprograms.org.

If you would like to discuss the delegation, your particular interests and areas of expertise, especially with regard to this trip to South Africa, or if we can help to answer any questions about PeaceWeb (formerly NCPCR), please contact Ann at the address below.

Also, if you cannot join the delegation, but have some connection with people or organizations in Johannesburg or Cape Town who are involved with peacemaking and conflict resolution efforts, please share their contact information with us, so we can explore the possibility of meeting with them during our time in South Africa.

More information about PeaceWeb and a copy of this announcement suitable for posting is available on the PeaceWeb web site at: http://www.apeacemaker.net/tmp/Peace-Studies-Delegation-to-South-Africa.doc.

Ann Yellott, Delegation Leader
National Coordinator for PeaceWeb, Inc.
Tel: 520-670-1541 (in Tucson, AZ)
Website: http://www.apeacemaker.net

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