Two Announcements from the Society for Organizational Learning - conference & free publication

Our friends at SoL, the Society for Organizational Learning, have asked that we share a couple of noteworthy opportunities that you may find of interest.

First, they would like to share with you at no cost the current issue of Reflections: The SoL Journal, entitled, "Awakening Faith in an Alternative Future," by Peter Senge, C. Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworkski, and Betty Sue Flowers, with commentaries by Darcy Winslow, Elena Diez Pinto, and Robert Fritz. This article is drawn from the introductory chapters of Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future, the authors?’ new book, which is SoL's first major book-length publication. To download the complete PDF of this issue, go to: Click below for the rest of the announcement.

With so many social systems - families, companies, governments, communities and societies - in disarray, the future does not look promising. The scenarios we imagine most easily reveal our worst fears rather than the legacy to which we aspire. What can we do? Based on extensive research, first-hand experience, and a multi-year dialogue, the authors have concluded that in order to "create the world anew" we will be called to participate in changes that are both "deeply personal and inherently systemic." Given SoL's mission to support the interdependent development of individuals and their institutions, we are delighted to share highlights of the authors' exploration into the essence of generative learning.

Second, they want to remind you that it is not too late to register for their Seventh Annual Meeting, ?“Leading in Action: Creating New Knowledge for Fundamental Innovation,?” June 28 through July 1, 2004, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, MA, USA.

The design of this meeting has been influenced by the implications of presence for collective wisdom, intelligence and action (as described by the authors of the Reflections article referenced above). A Peter Senge keynote, as well as some exercises, break sessions, dinner and dialogue campfires will be held in a beautiful natural setting on Thompson Island in Boston Harbor on Tuesday, June 29th. The overall program combines the best aspects of a conference, a leadership development workshop, and a networking session. To register or for more information, visit:

Added June 17, 2004