First U.S. Truth & Reconciliation Commission Launched in Greensboro, NC

John Stephens, of the Public Dispute Resolution Program at the University of North Carolina, posted a message on our Thataway Forum this weekend about the Greensboro Truth & Community Reconciliation Commission. Since we haven't yet seeded and launched the Forum, I thought I'd share his message via the blog so more people see it.

I wanted to alert NCDD folks of the first truth and reconciliation commission in the US. On June 12th, commissioners were sworn in for the Greensboro (NC) Truth and Community Reconciliation Commission. They are examining the violent attack on a November 1979 march for racial, social and economic justice organized by the Worker's Viewpoint Organization (later known as the Communist Worker's Party) by members of the American Nazi Party and Ku Klux Klan. Five people were killed and ten were wounded. Shooters were acquitted at trial twice, and a third federal civil trial found joint liability by KKK, Nazis and members of the Greensboro Police Department in only one of the deaths.

For details, see:
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Generally, I am especially interested in building on my network of NC colleagues -- through the Mediation Network of NC, members of ACR, NC Community Solutions Network people, and interested government officials -- on dialogue activities, opportunities and research.

John Stephens
Public Dispute Resolution Program
School of Government
The University of North Carolina

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