PRASI Calls for Papers By and About Conflict Resolution Practitioners & Thinkers of Color

The Practitioners Research and Scholarship Institute (PRASI) is in the final stages of compiling an Anthology of works by and about conflict resolution practitioners and thinkers of color, as well as all others whose voices have been marginalized by politics of knowledge. Final selections will be made in August, 2004. Send submissions, whether completed or in draft, as soon as possible, no later than July 15. Click below for more details.

Specifically, we are looking for the following:

- Theoretical papers relating to multiculturalism
- Overviews of conflict resolution work in particular communities and cultures
- Personal accounts of professional experience: how it has been for practitioners of color to enter and work in the field
- Case histories
- Overlooked writings from the past by thinkers of color that lay a theoretical base of wisdom about peacemaking and conflict resolution

PRASI is dedicated to supporting practitioners to write about their learnings. If you are thinking about a paper but having difficulty putting it on paper, send us a message letting us know what you?’d like to say and what help you need. We?’ll be happy to work with you. Interviews and other oral accounts are also welcome. If you know practitioners whose experience and thoughts you?’d like to see on paper, put us in touch with them.


S.Y. Bowland () and/or Beth Roy ()

Practitioners Research and Scholarship Institute: P. R. A. S. I.
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