Museum of Science in Boston Seeks Advice from D&D Scholars & Practitioners

I received an exciting email today from Zannah Marsh, a Researcher Assistant at the Boston's Museum of Science. Zannah and her colleagues are in the early stages of developing a project they're calling FORUM. Their goal with this program is to engage museum visitors in dialogue and deliberation about new developments in science and technology--and particularly the social implications of these developments. They aim to provide a neutral setting for visitors to fully engage and explore contested topics with others, exchange viewpoints, and deliberate on solutions or recommendations (hopefully with scientists, technologists, and other experts). They also plan to integrate these dialogues into formats that provide visitors with new information, interactive experiences, and access to artifacts from their collections.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Zanna would like to connect with people who have done academic research in the area of D&D on science and technology, and people who might be able to advise them as they design and learn how to facilitate these types of programs. Zanna can be contacted at 617-589-0202 or . I'd appreciate being cc:ed in any emails () so I can keep up with any developments.

Added July 15, 2004