Opportunity to Share Your Stories of Peace-Building

Ann Mason of the Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation wanted the D&D community to know about an opportunity for folks to share their stories about peace-building on their newsletter webpage. Read Ann's entire message below, or email her with your peace-building story at .

The Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation is a non-profit organisation involved with peace-building and storytelling. www.tlpeace.org.au

On our newsletter webpage http://www.tlpeace.org.au/newsletter.htm we like to share peace-building stories, present new peace-building published stories and links to peace-building organisations and activities occurring internationally. Please assist us by informing us of any peace-building stories or activities that others, either children or adults, might benefit from reading about. You may even have a story you might wish to share.

On the Aug-Sep-Oct webpage we will be presenting new peace-building stories that have been recently published and include activities for children.

Please help us as we endeavour to share stories of hope and peace.

Thank you,

Ann Mason
[email protected]

Added July 25, 2004